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FLUIDATA is an immersive experiential installation with durational performances by Igneous, a Brisbane-based inter-media and performance company. The work explores questions ...

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In Depth


“In Depth” is an exhibition that showcases the amazingly intricate works by talented glass artist Joanna Bone and photographer Aaron Micallef. ...

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The Murmur of Surfaces


The Murmur of Surfaces is a Moreton Bay Regional Council Art Collection In Perspective exhibition that showcases the strength and diversity ...

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Desert Dreams


Come celebrate the opening night of Desert Dreams; a photographic exhibition by Holly Riding, capturing the Americana spirit of rural USA. ...

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Ms Browns Lounge


Recent Prints by Joanna Kambourian & Darren Bryant at Poly Gone Cowboy A curated selection of work by Darren & Jo ...

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Gerwyn Davies: Paradise


Gerwyn Davies new photographic series ‘Paradise’ depicts tropes of glamour and class in an otherworldly fashion. The series of self-portraits explores ...

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Please join Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art’s Curator of Indigenous Art Bruce McLean, for an in-conversation with Brisbane-based artist Vernon ...

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Fine Detail


Muk Muk Fine Art presents ‘Fine Detail’, an exhibition showcasing the delicate detailed dot work of contemporary Aboriginal paintings from Central ...

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Trash Youth


“TRASH YOUTH” is an art exhibition by Jake Connor Moss. It features paintings, photographs, films and books inspired by 21st century ...

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Reorganising Principles


This exhibition reconsiders the visibility of colonial settler women within historical narratives. Referencing colonial images and objects of jewellery, this experimental ...

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Sue Pickford


Amaterasu – Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu the Japanese Sun Goddess is credited with the creation of the islands of Japan. Before ...

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Art from the Margins


Art from the Margins Since 2008, Art from the Margins (AFTM), a creative initiative of Wesley Mission Brisbane, has been instrumental ...

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Four Walls


Working closely on common themes to intertwine their visual poetry, Mulder and van Vuuren explore the incapturable essence of memory and ...

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