Monthly Archives: May 2015

Banana Saturday #3


BANANAs are a new monthly social sound series on Saturday/Sunday afternoons as The Walls presents sound artists, artists who play with ...

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Black and White


A pop-up, group collaboration of artists exhibiting in celebration of our sixth issue of TBCMAG, we are hosting COMMISSION FREE ART SALES, a range of LIVE ART plus ...

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Elemental Phenomena


Elemental phenomena explores naturally occurring events, constructed experiments, and transitions of states of matter, including water, air, light and magnetic fields. ...

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Linda Zucco: Blue


Linda Zucco is recognized for her bold and edgy oil paintings of urban life. Throughout her new series Blue, Linda uses ...

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Gardens play a significant role in the lives of many. People of diverse backgrounds or location place unique values on their ...

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‘Participation’ presents two diverse approaches to understanding presence in daily familiarities. Whilst Kristian Fracchia works within external paradigms of social representation ...

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Joseph Daws: Landscape


Joseph Daws’s painting practice operates between landscape and abstract painting.  It acts as an arena for the artist to explore visual ...

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Art and global politics


In association with our exhibition Cross Pose: Body language against the grain, please join Professor Roland Bleiker, School of Political Science ...

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This Is Not A Drill


‘This is Not a Drill’ is a collection of the most current work from QUT Visual Arts Honours student’s. The exhibition ...

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Ten Minutes to Midnight


A team of leading Australian artists brings Australia’s chilling atomic history to life in the dynamic transmedia production Ten Minutes to ...

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Anywhere, Elsewhere


Fresh artistic talents will be unveiled in upcoming group exhibition, Anywhere, Elsewhere, which focuses on the practices of emerging QLD artists. ...

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Almost A Year


Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future that is regarded as a ...

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