Monthly Archives: March 2016

Marianne Brandt Contest


Kunstvereins Villa Arte is hosting the 6th International Marianne Brandt Contest, inviting young designers and photographers to participate with works based ...

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Zoe Porter


Zoe is a Brisbane based interdisciplinary artist exploring primarily a drawing practice, which also extends into painting, installation, performance, sculpture, site-specific ...

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IS ART NATURAL? The question concerning Art’s relation to Nature is one central to Aesthetics and is bound up with associated ...

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Made pink


“I am the self portrait of my father” – Saeed Jones It is important to inaugurate this piece of writing by ...

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Meagan Streader


Meagan Streader is a Brisbane artist currently residing in Melbourne. Constructing site-specific installations, Streader draws visual cues from futuristic and natural ...

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Marilyn Schneider: V.V.V.V.V.I.P.


Art fairs are a transient space for commercially motivated consumption. The material-semiotic messages transmitted by Marilyn Schneider’s sculptures and paintings communicate a ...

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Seven local emerging contemporary jewellers and makers of small objects use their art to interpret the perpetual inheritance of social, political, ...

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Daniel Boyd


The IMA presents a the first solo exhibition in Queensland of Cairns-born, Sydney-based artist Daniel Boyd. His acclaimed practice deftly layers ...

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Discipline 4 Launch


Melbourne-based contemporary art journal Discipline published its fourth issue in December 2015. Edited by Nicholas Croggon, David Homewood, and Helen Hughes, ...

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Ocean Connection


Ocean Connection: glass art by Joanna Bone, Scott Coleman, Keith Rowe and Kayo Yokoyama. An exhibition featuring works by artists exploring ...

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SHAPE of Things to Come


Celebrating its tenth iteration, SHAPE continues its objective to illuminate emerging conceptual and stylistic trends of creative practice, showcasing works from ...

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Meagan Streader: W-INTER


Integrating geometric line and light, W-inter presents an interplay between light, geometric line and architecture in an immersive, futuristic form of ...

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Present Tense


‘Present Tense’ curated by Belem Lett features the work of DAN HOLLIER, GENEVIEVE FELIX REYNOLDS, GREG HODGE, PAUL WILLIAMS, SALLY ANDERSON ...

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Oberon 2 Launch


From the publishers of Das Superpaper comes Oberon, a new periodical on art in the world. After publishing Das Superpaper in ...

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Belem Lett: Paradise Lost


Belem Lett has been a finalist in several prizes including the The Fisher’s Ghost Award and the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship which he ...

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Wendy Sharpe


Wendy Sharpe is acclaimed as one of Australia’s most significant and awarded artists. She has won the Archibald Prize, the Portia ...

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