Monthly Archives: May 2016

Women’s Art Prize


The City of Ryde proudly presents the sixth annual Women’s Art Prize. Artists and members of the community are invited to ...

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Claire Stening: Grey


Surface. Texture. Shadow. The play of light on fabric, the transparency of glass, the softer structures of draped silk and the ...

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Kenji Uranishi: Momentary


Kenji Uranishi is a Japanese-born ceramic artist who relocated to Brisbane more than a decade ago bringing with him ancient Japanese ceramic techniques ...

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Snakes and Bends


Snakes and Bends presents new works by Heidi Cutlack, Skye McNicol and Glen Schaneu. Individually, they have performed in an exhausting ...

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Road Trip


Road Trip is a group exhibition featuring the work of significant Australian artists Juz Kitson, Fiona Lowry, William Mackinnon and Guy ...

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Geek Girls


In the Creative Industries, women have been at the forefront of art and technology creation and have played a central role ...

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Super Art


SUPER ART celebrates a collection of important works from legends of the Indigenous Art Movement including a seminal painting by deceased ...

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Robert Dickerson


Robert Dickerson is one of Australia ‘s best known painters. Born in Sydney , Australia in 1924, he is the son ...

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Jannah Quill: NO INPUT


NO INPUT considers moments of stasis and futile circulation in information transfer. What stasis looks like and the apparent failure of ...

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Nipple Net


How it works Nipple Net is a user-generated, internet artwork. Anyone can submit a photo of their nipple and a short ...

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crosseXions draws together the work of 12 early-career artists who are inscribing feminist and environmental concerns within their art practice. This project rejects ...

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MAYO Arts Festival


This popular festival is named in honour of prominent sculptor and St Margaret’s Old Girl Daphne Mayo, one of Australia’s finest ...

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Motion Picture


Motion Picture considers art’s relationship to the cinematic through the work of six contemporary Australian artists. At first glance, the content ...

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