Monthly Archives: August 2017

Chris Trueman: Entangled


‘Entangled’ is an experimental installation by Los Angeles based artist Chris Trueman with overlapping displays or ‘superpositions’ in Los Angeles, USA ...

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Be Public In The Now


Christopher R. Inwood has created 17 large, traditional oil paintings that draw from the composition and aesthetic of our current homogenised ...

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A Group Exhibition featuring: LAURA Jones PAUL Ryan TIM McMonagle JULIAN Meagher JUDITH Sinnamon FRANK Nowlan + the MANINGRIDA ARTISTS

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QACI Graduate Exhibition


Queensland Academies Creative Industries (QACI) welcomes you to the Visual Arts 2017 graduate showcase, exIBit. exIBit will feature our Year 12 ...

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Marie Ellis OAM Prize


About the Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing Marie Corella Ellis OAM (1918-2003) was a dressmaker and long-term resident of Fortitude ...

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Dai Li


Cerarmicist Dai Li was born in Sichauan, China in 1987 and now lives and works in Queensland. Between the years of ...

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Michael McWilliams


Born and educated in Tasmania, McWilliams’ distinctive and unique work has been featured in several national exhibitions and has been included ...

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Anne-Marie Zanetti: Fructuous


Anne-Marie Zanetti’s new exhibition ‘Fructuous’ explores light, colour and beauty. Portraying fruit in a rich and sensual way has indulged Anne-Marie’s desire ...

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A Feast for the Eyes


A predominantly coastal population, seafood is engrained in the Australian way of life. Special occasions are marked with consuming copious amounts ...

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The Magical Mundane


Discover how artist, stylist and designer Rachel Burke draws inspiration from mundane household items and uses her creative flair to make ...

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A collection of photographic works from QCA’s 2016 Infield, it explores the experience of Nepal – from feeling overwhelmed by the ...

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softcore. is playful. softcore. is fun. softcore. is the really nice time you’ve wanted forever, but not quite how you pictured ...

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