Monthly Archives: November 2017

Lisa Christensen & Alex Louisa


Lisa Christensen ‘Instinct’  Lisa Christensen investigates the space where reality blurs with the imaginary. She uses traditional still life techniques and subjects ...

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Ray Coffey


Born in Liverpool during the post-Beatlemania counterculture of the 60s, Ray Coffey realised he might have a talent for drawing when, ...

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Puppet Tearing


“Puppet’ is a term of contempt, though there still remain some who find beauty in these little figures, degenerate though they have ...

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David Hayes: Trajectory


Flowers and Bullets – an unlikely mix but a metaphor explored by artist David Hayes in his first solo exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art in ...

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Liam Herne: Selfless


SELFLESS is a new series of artworks which reinterprets the selfie using new media, drawing and traditional photography. This exhibition is ...

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Empathic Gestures


Empathic Gestures is one of the outcomes from a transdisciplinary practice-led PhD project that considers knowledge and practice from across visual ...

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Bridie Gilman: After


Gillman’s multidisciplinary artistic practice conveys experiences of existing between places and cultures. AFTER is an attempt at navigating the australian landscape, ...

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Yannick Blattner: Thrust


Glamour, machismo and the Gold Coast’s glitzy subtropical self-image: THRUST offers the provocation of symbolic displays of pointless power and pent-up ...

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Tastes Like Sunshine


Tastes like Sunshine explores the flavoursome side of our city’s character and reveals its rich and evolving food story through contemporary art, ...

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Bianca Mavrick Jewellery


Bianca creates pieces in her signature style using abstracted motifs and clever combinations of colour, materials, and industrial-surface finishes. This collection ...

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June Tupicoff


“The difficulty in painting has always included the transformation of pigment into light, and in these works the artist has shaped ...

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Ross Booker: Tracing Time


Brisbane artist Ross Booker’s exhibition of paintings and drawings is based on his regular excursions into central Australia, the Kimberley and ...

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Cherie Durant: Trust


Cherie Durant’s second Exhibition ‘Trust’ is an exhibition that combines life’s messages with beautifully detailed delicate pencil work. Cherie produces predominantly ...

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Chris Bennie: The Citizen


CLUTCH Collective Presents: Chris Bennie | The Citizen  Words by Alexander Kucharski Chris Bennie works in video, construction, performance, painting, photography, and ...

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