Chase Archer

Chase Archer is a Brisbane based artist working across painting, drawing and printmaking. Receiving his Bachelor of Fine Art from Queensland College of Art in 2016, he is currently completing Honours.

Archer’s works are layered composite scenes created from imagery ranging from painstakingly replicated Dutch masters, through to iPhone photos and images appropriated from mass media and popular culture. These images are combined to create scenes which highlight the tension between not only the symbolism of the imagery but the medial, historic and social connotations of the content.

The artworks contain complex dialogues which bridge high art and the everyday. Through the combination of iconography the works reflect a sense of the contemporary while still considering the history of the mediums. They present a disjointed archive of collected images as a means of creating artworks which are self referential and dense in possible interpretations.

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Image: Chinese burn appreciation society, oil and screen print on board, 90x60cm 2017

Naomi Blacklock

Naomi Blacklock is a Brisbane based artist who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Working primarily with sound installation, text works and performance, her artworks involve an exploration and examination of mythologies regarding the witch archetype and harmful histories of gender and cultural identity. She is PhD candidate at QUT and is a Co-director of Brisbane’s ARI, CLUTCH Collective.

Her practice addresses the political and creative significance of the witch archetype as an emancipatory symbol for alterity in contemporary art. She is concerned with representations of the ‘witch’ as characterised by legal, religious and social institutions and the operation of this term by cultural minorities and LGBTQIA communities. The practice is based on ritualised sound and performance art as a way to amplify the body and the voice through performative bodily precision and aural screaming. Conjured-self apparitions and the female scream are themes indoctrinated within the performance works by adopting ritual, alterity and the figure of the witch as methods of experimentation. Her recent works address the significance of disruptive feminist voices and reimagine’s intersectional identities through the figure of the ‘witch’ as Other.

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Image: Soiled 2015, installation performance work. Soil, amplifier, metal, vocal microphone, contact microphone, effect pedals. Performance documentation, H Block Gallery, QUT, Brisbane.

Aaron Butt

Aaron Butt’s practice is concerned with unexpected, affective and apophenic responses to found images, objects and text which are then contextualised in psychoanalytic and neuroscientific frameworks. Working across a range of media, affective responses are recorded yet abstracted in order to promote new connections and experiences, both real and imagined.

Aaron Butt is an artist living and working north of Brisbane. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts (with Honours) at QUT in 2014. In 2015 Aaron was a finalist in the Sunshine Coast New Media Prize, Moreton Bay Region Art Awards (with Merit) and Queensland Regional Art Awards and was awarded the Brian Tucker Young Artist Development Award. In 2016 Aaron was a finalist in the Clayton Utz Award and the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize. He is currently undertaking a Masters of Fine Art project at QUT.

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Image: Missed Encounter (2015)

Kailum Graves

Kailum Graves is an emerging new media artist who works predominantly in the medium of photography and within the sphere of the photographic process, including large-scale video installations. His practice reflects the influence of technology on the photographic medium and sits resolutely within the context of future movements of contemporary photography. He studied art history, philosophy, archaeology, and photography at the University of Queensland and the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. He graduated from both degrees with distinction, and dean’s commendations for high achievement and academic excellence, which ranked him in the top five percent. Upon graduation, he spent three years researching, experimenting, and creating a body of work. He only began entering art awards and exhibitions in 2016, and has been a finalist in 22 state, national, and international art awards—including the MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize, the Digital Portraiture Award, and the Royal Ulster Academy’s 135th Annual Exhibition—had 21 exhibitions, including a public art commission, and was selected to participate in SOMA Summer, an eight-week program for international artists, curators, critics, and art historians, conducted in Mexico City. In 2016 he won the Clayton Utz Art Award and the Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artists Award, and exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, the Fremantle Arts Centre, the Murray Art Museum Albury, the Incinerator Gallery, Kensington Contemporary, the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, the Noosa Regional Gallery, and the Pine Rivers Art Gallery.  To support the arts community, he founded artist-run-initiative An Evolving Thesis, where he works as a curator and writer, and he also volunteers at the Flying Arts Alliance. His work is held in the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

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Image: The Celebrity That Therefore I Am, 2015, 72 Fujifilm Instax Mini Film, framed, museum glass, each 8.6cm x 5.4cm, overall dimensions 76cm x 70cm

Tayla Haggarty

Tayla Haggarty’s practice is fixated on exploring the complex question of what constitutes a lesbian feminist artwork, and more specifically, how one can effectively represent the personal lesbian erotic. These investigations take form through performance, installation and sculpture. The work typically explores how the lesbian feminist identity can be translated and constructed through materials, to formally articulate and archive lesbian experience. The works often employ industrial or ready-made materials that when constructed within the space, are arranged to heighten the elements of tension and balance and the components of ‘sameness’. These undertakings are often habitually minimal, site specific and employ humour as a tactic to engage viewers. This use of humour aims to break down the serious topics surrounding lesbian sexuality and relationship politics, further making the experiences that form the foundation of the practice more relatable to those outside the queer community.

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Image: Tayla Haggary, ‘Lesbian Mating Call (talking laughing loving breathing fighting fucking crying drinking writing winning loosing cheating thinking kissing dreaming), sculptural installation, cement mixer, 2 litres of lube, floor grit,  extension cord. Wet, Oral Ari, 2015.’  Image by Louis Lim.

Jason Haggerty

Currently completing his honours degree in Digital Media, Jason Haggerty has a multidisciplinary practice that spans sculpture and sound, generative and live video, interactive installation and performance. Based on the Gold Coast, Haggerty has a multidisciplinary practice that spans sculpture and sound, generative and live video, interactive installation and performance. He has exhibited across Australia in galleries, festivals, and events, while also moonlighting as a VJ.

Inspired by the ability of media to physically alter bodily sensation, Haggerty explores the overlapping of the body in virtual environments, hybridity, and spatiality. Increasingly engaging with new technologies, he employs various methods such as visual programming, motion-tracking, and interactive video and audio, with the aim of inducing proprioceptive experiences. Additionally, Haggerty has a growing body of work that investigates the natural and synthetic beauty of the Gold Coast, focusing on its shoreline and iconic wave breaks.

With an appreciation and passion for curatorship, Jason has recently taken on the role of Gallery Manager and Curator of Griffith University’s White Box Gallery on the Gold Coast.

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Image: Surface/Control (2015). Gold Coast City Gallery . Interactive audio and video installation.

Shayna Wells

Shayna Wells is a Brisbane based artist and has been exhibiting since 2008. She is currently in two touring shows – “Bimblebox- Art- Science-Nature” touring nationally throughout Australia (2014-2017) and “crosseXions” first presented at Metro Arts, then touring to Sydney at Alska Projects and Cross Arts in July – August in 2016. In 2014 she completed two residencies – “Bimblebox Artist Camp” and “NES Artist Residency” in Iceland. In 2015 Shayna was in the “Gold Coast Photographic Award” and 2013 “Churchie National Emerging Art Prize.”

Shayna’s current project “Intent/Response” documents participant’s first response to a site on the Northern NSW coast called Lake Ainsworth.  Mostly photographic based, the series presents the body absorbed in semi wilderness, through a process of intimate interaction and bodily vulnerability. Through this submission of power, the subjects’ body lose a distinction between themselves from Nature; the body taking on connotations of authenticity, exotic fragility and a kind of seduction steeped in questions of what constitutes a direct experience. There is political under tones in the work questioning other relationships with the environment and what is its place within our everyday existence.

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Image: The Lake Self Reflection, Video still, HD video, Duration: 3:39 mins. 

Zoe Knight

Zoe Knight is an artist based in Brisbane. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours at Queensland University of Technology.

Zoe’s practice is shaped by her interest in the materiality of objects, discovering and abstracting found malleable and repurposed industrial materials, as well as relationships between object, exhibition space, and viewer.

Since the materials are sourced locally – found discarded in workshops, as surplus from suppliers, in bins, and on the street  – Zoe’s work reflects the social and industrial environment of the area.

Currently, her practice seeks to draw the viewer’s attention to an awareness of their body in space and the features of the gallery. This is achieved through mapping the floor with miniature-sized objects grouped in relation to one another and coupled with dramatic lighting or architectural intervention. Objects are arranged with their formal and aesthetic features in mind especially balance, texture, and shape.

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Image: Untitled#5 window object#2 (slate, balustrade wire), steel, slate, 10 x 15 x 10cm, 2016. Photo – Carl Warner

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is from Queensland’s Bidjara people. Adopted as a baby by a non-Indigenous family, he was later encouraged to find his Aboriginal birth mother and to explore his Indigenous heritage. Originally a successful commercial fashion photographer, Cook’s expertise in digital image-making and post-production techniques lends an ethereal quality to his re-visioning of Australian history.

Michael Cook’s practice continues the strong Indigenous tradition of the exploration of photography, which includes the work of Mervyn Bishop, Michael Riley, Fiona Foley and Destiny Deacon, among others. Historically, Aboriginal people have been portrayed as the exotic ‘other’ or they have been photographed for the purposes of scientific inquiry. Cook is from a generation of artists who are reinvigorating Indigenous photography — reclaiming photography for their own purposes and provocatively using the medium to bring attention to Indigenous issues.

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Image : Michael Cook, Civilised #13, 2012, inkjet print on archival Hahnemuhle cotton paper, 100 x 85cm / Text – QAG

Sebastian Moody

Sebastian Moody was born in Sydney, New South Wales (1979). He currently lives and works in Brisbane where he has completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Queensland University of Technology (2001) and a Master of Museum Studies at The University of Queensland (2009).

Moody ’s text works have appeared in swimming pools, personals ads, kitchen splashbacks, coffee, hang gliders and as shopping receipt ‘portraits’; elsewhere, his messages have manifested as idealised physical environments.

Moody’s projects have appeared at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Splendour in the Grass, Next Wave Festival 2008, Linden Contemporary Art Space, Bundaberg Arts Centre, Queensland Art Gallery, Livid Festival, Kings ARI, Museum of Brisbane, The Goodwill Bridge, The Queensland University of Technology Art Museum and Southbank Parklands.

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Image : Sebastian Moody and Markwell Presents: Younger than a Millionaire (2012) public digital projection, Queensland Performing Arts Complex. 10.00 mins. Commissioned by Brisbane City Council.