Bianca Beetson

Bianca Beetson is a Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi (Sunshine Coast) Waradjuri (NSW) woman, Born in Roma Western Qld. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Visual arts at the Queensland University of Technology from 1993 – 95 and Completed her Honours in 1998.

Bianca’s is a visual artist who works in a broad range of media including: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography and public art.

In 1997 Bianca was selected for the Primavera exhibition at the MCA in Sydney. In 1997 Bianca won her first art award; The Anglican Church Grammar school Old Boys Association Encouragement award for artists under 25. As a member of the Campfire Group – Aboriginal artist’s co-operation, she has had the opportunity to be involved in many projects based on cultural collaboration. Including “All Stock Must Go” which was included in the 2nd Asia Pacific Triennial at the Queensland Art Gallery in 1996-97. In 2007 Bianca had her first Solo exhibition in Melbourne at the Australian Dreaming art gallery. In 2008 Bianca won the People’s Choice Award in the Wilson HTM National Art prize. In 2011 Bianca won the 15 Artists – Redcliffe art prize. Bianca has work in public and private collections around Australian and Overseas including Art Bank, QPAT, Redcliffe Art Gallery and Qld Art Gallery. Bianca was a formerly a member of the ProppaNOW Aboriginal artists Collective between the years of 2004 – 2011.

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Image: Story Poles (2011)  Stainless steel with LCD lighting. Redcliffe Foreshore Public Art Trail

“Stretching along the landscape features of Charlish Park, Story Poles tells the traditional and contemporary stories of the local Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi) people. These stories, both written and visual, have been used by the artist as design elements that represent notions of place and connection to country.”

Sue Pickford

Amaterasu – Japanese Sun Goddess

Amaterasu the Japanese Sun Goddess is credited with the creation of the islands of Japan. Before this, the world was only an amorphous mass.
When she lay down a necklace of pearls the islands of Japan came into being.The first Emperor was her grandson and she bequeathed to him a Samurai sword.

The alternation of the seasons and dark and light were attributed to part of Amaterasu’s story which bears similarities to the story of Demeter and Persehone.

Upset by an insult from her brother, Amaterasu hid herself away in a cave.

Soon the world grew cold and desolate and eventually the other gods entreated with her to return to the world which she refused to do.

Then one of the deities had an idea and she suggested that they hold a party outside the cave and entice her out with laughter, dancing and singing.

Additionally, they hung a necklace of pearls (the future Japan) and a mirror in a tree  outside the caves entrance.

When the curious Amaterasu peaked out to observe the festivities she caught a glimpse of her own image in the mirror and fascinated by the sight emerged from the cave and light returned to the  world.

Image: Amaterasu (Day and Night Series) Linocut on Magnani Incisioni 310gsm 40 x 40cm image 30 x 30cm


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Dan Elborne

“I am a Queensland based artist focusing on ceramics as my working material. Primarily, I aim to create large scale ceramic installations, which draw from varying points of personal experience and significance. I intend for these installations to alter the gallery environment, bringing viewers into a place of contemplation.”

Image: Remains III. Photography: Grace Yu

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Dane Beesley

Dane is a Brisbane-based photojournalist, portrait and street photographer, and one of Australia’s best-known music photographers. He has published Shades (2016), The Road (2012) and Splitting the Seconds: A Photographer’s Journal (2011). His photos have been exhibited widely, and appear regularly in Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Simone Eisler

Simone Eisler is a Brisbane/Sunshine Coast based artist and has exhibited her work internationally in the Philippines, Indonesia, New York, Belgium, Paris, Berlin and within Australia. Her work is focused on space, time, form and structure and she moves from large scale sculptural multimedia installations through performative photographic works to individual sculptural objects that reference concepts of physical transformation, species evolution and biodiversity within the overarching notion of a changing technological and natural world. Her practice also covers drawing, painting, video and sound and she is well known for a wide range of public art works.

Image: Wrapped Harbingers: Fish Skin, Sheep Hide, Dolls, Ilmenite


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Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens is an Australian artist currently based in Brisbane. He works predominantly with video, as well as photography, drawing, sculpture and installation. His art practice explores how the verbal and non-verbal ‘languages’ of popular screen culture interface with contemporary subjectivity. He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Italy and the United States. His work has been exhibited in many group shows at publicly funded museums and contemporary art spaces, both nationally and internationally. In 2007, Stevens received his PhD from the Queensland University of Technology, where he is now a Lecturer in Visual Arts. He is represented by Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney, and Starkwhite, Auckland.

Image: Supermassive, 2013, four-channel digital video, 11 min 19 sec. 


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Michelle Eskola

Michelle Eskola is a Brisbane based artist born in 1987 at Mount Beauty, Victoria. Eskola’s practice explores the intersection of polarities of light, space, abstraction and formation to investigate the role of painting in contemporary culture. This investigation focuses on the conventions of composition, illusion, repetition and display across digital and time-based media. This interest is influenced by her mixed Finnish and Australian cultural heritage.

Michelle Eskola received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the Queensland University of Technology in 2008.

Image: Yb10 1-6, 2014,  synthetic polymer paint on board, 2.4 x 7.2 m

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Corrie Furner

Corrie Furner is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art. She has exhibited at Globelight 2014, The GAS: GUAG 2014 and was awarded Highly Commended, in the Survey Co. Art Award.

Light is central to her practice and used as a way of transcending objects, spaces and states of being, transforming the ordinary into something new, guiding the viewer to look at an object with a reinvigorated perception. Her art practice employs light, space and found objects to express an idea or emotion, to highlight a history or phenomena, both tangible and intangible. Using light and space her works alter neurological responses in the viewer, their heart rate and respiratory system, thus rendering her work with meditative qualities.

Image: Fluoro (2013) Large Scale Projection.

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Donna Maree Robinson

Donna Maree Robinson is a multimedia artist whose work explores the poetic potential of an environment which she infuses with layered meanings, imagination, memories and history; a visual intersection of the natural world and our human existence within it.

Robinson’s practice crosses disciplines and media that include video projection, digital photography, sculptural works, installation and glass. She has a Master of Contemporary Art from the University of Tasmania and was mentored by renowned new media artist Craig Walsh in 2010. She has exhibited in New York, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, throughout Queensland and Iceland where she attended a 2 month Nes Listamiðstöð Artist Residency during the winter of 2013.

Her work has won several awards including the Queensland Regional Arts – Digital Art Award 2012 and the Mackay Australia Day Arts and Culture Award 2014. She was also a finalist for both the International Screengrab New Media Art Awards 2012 and the Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2014.

Donna has completed permanent public art works for the Mackay Base Hospital and has recently completed permanent public art works for the Jezzine Barracks precinct in Townsville. In 2012 she collaborated with two other artists on a project called Memory Pathsthat was projected at festivals throughout Mackay during its sesquicentennial year.

Image: ‘Nostalgia’ video (white background still video image, right) was created during a 2 week mentorship with Craig Walsh during his ‘Digital Odyssey’ tour in Mackay, 2010. The foreground image is part of Hiromi Tango and Craig’s, ‘Home’ Project.

Michael Candy

Through the deconstruction and analysis of everyday devices, Michael Candy has developed a unique rationale of ‘instinctive engineering’ which he uses to investigate interaction technologies. These ideas are manifested in the construction of physical installations or electromechanical objects that oftentimes exist on the verge of what is socially or ethically legal, from devices that use IED cell phone detonation technologies or Public installations disguised as council property to synthesizers controlled by an active volcano.

Michael has been involved in residencies and projects across the country and Internationally, Most notably: First Draft (Sydney), Next Wave (Melbourne),The Instrument Builders Project and Hackteria Lab (Yogyakarta). In 2010 he was a finalist for the Stan and Maureen Duke Gold Coast Art Prize. He has collaborated with established artists such as Anthony Lister and Keith Armstrong and been mentored by several artists, including Craig Walsh & Wade Marynowsky.


Image:BIG DIPPER (2014) / BIG DIPPER is a Kinetic light sculpture. designed, built and assembled in India as part of the Kochi AIR residency program.