Tristan Griffin

Tristan Griffin is a Tweed Coast based artist, currently completing his studies at The Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. With 15 years of experience in the IT industry, covering roles involving programming, asset production, hardware and retail, the transition to contemporary fine arts has seen digital assets become integral to his practice, commissions and collaborations. A solid foundation in digital technologies has allowed him to adapt in a rapidly evolving industry and to apply his skill sets to teach and lead teams through various community organisations, projects and events.

Tristan’s practice explores the capacity for New Media Arts to express abstract concepts through the cross pollination of the physical, the digital and the spiritual. This exploration stems from an interest of where technology sits within the context of the traditional church, Abrahamic religion and spirituality. These works are primarily participatory, providing experiences of emerging technologies such as; sublime environmental virtual reality, augmented reality, spacial audio, theta wave oscillation, synchronous decibel modulation, relative geolocation placement and glossolalia translation.

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