Art Handling Workshops

DEADLINE : 13th March, 5:30 - 6:30pm

Join Art Museum staff for a fun and informative workshop for art students and art-loving members of the public.

Our Art Handling Workshops will cover a range of basic art work installation and transportation methods, including:

– Basic art work handling, including works on paper, sculptural objects, and framed art works.
– Industry appropriate tools and materials used in Art Galleries and Collections.
– Exhibition installation, including wall-based works, sculpture and new media.
– Art Collection storage and environmental conditions.
– Safe art work packaging and transportation.

Our installation team will lead a tour of the Museum’s current show for a behind-the-scenes look at how a professional art exhibition is put together.

All Art Handling Workshops are free of charge.

RSVP by 9th March to book your place.

E |
T | 3735 7414

Workshops will be held at the Griffith University Art Museum
Queensland College of Art
226 Grey Street
South Bank
QLD 4101