Benchtop photography

DEADLINE : 29th July, 11:00am - 2:30pm

A truly unique workshop teaching the fundamentals of lighting and composition when photographing products and still-life from above.

This transformative workshop teaches you the art of flat-lay, from first principles, through an understanding of the relationship between light, object geometry and composition. Benchtop Photography is different than any other photography or styling workshop – it’s magic lies in its unique image building philosophy, where each step is presented as a series of simple decisions which can be made with purpose – dissolving the overwhelm and panic many people experience when taking photos. These methods bring a new way of thinking, a new way of appreciating light and a new way of seeing the objects you work with. The results are images of objects you could practically pick up off the page. The skills taught in this class are independent of any camera functions, making this teaching relevant regardless of your skillset or equipment, and the learning is applicable even if you upgrade your gear.

The first part of the session concentrates on understanding light and how to use it. You will learn the fundamental aspects of overhead object photography with a big emphasis on using the natural light in the environment available to you. You will form a strong understanding of how light and objects interact, how to prevent objects from looking ‘flat’ and how-to emphasise (or minimise) material attributes like textures, surfaces, grooves, folds, frills and overlaps. You will learn how to manage shadows and why they are important for today’s audiences. Karina will discuss how to read and use the natural light in your working environment (home/office/studio) and how to deal with difficult lighting issues that may have been affecting your efforts in the past.

The second part of the session focuses on visual storytelling. You will learn how to create a visual conversation through backgrounds and props; how to visually convey your ethos; the concept of styling for substance; and how to build your scene for maximum engagement – effortlessly. Karina will share the process she uses when she is building an image, her top tips for cleverness, and how to integrate your newfound lighting knowledge.

What you’ll get:

  • Learn the skills and theory behind lighting, object geometry and composition so you can create your own amazing flat lays at home
  • Learn how to tell visual narratives through flat lays that elevate your products
  • Printed examples that you can use at home for inspiration
  • Tea, coffee, juice and afternoon tea

What to bring:

  • Note pad and pen
  • Any products or props you might want to experiment with
  • Lots of questions for Karina!

About Karina

Karina Sharpe is a conceptual artist and photographer, working as both a commercial artist for brands and creative agencies, as well as an exhibiting artist creating her own body of work. In today’s world, good imagery is paramount, but transformative imagery is golden, Karina’s conviction is to only work in the realm of gold.

Commercially, Karina’s work focuses on the creation of visual narratives to elevate client products and ideas. She creates visual landscapes that are both cohesive and irresistible; subsequently creating storylines audiences yearn to be a part of. Her background in industrial design and mechanical engineering lends a unique blend of precision, flair and artistry to her work, while the dual nature of her practise invites her commercial work to be uplifted and inspired by the originality that comes from her artistic explorations – and therein lies the gold.

Artistically, Karina creates from a desire to make the mind smile. Her artistic work is most strongly influenced by the natural world, it’s juxtaposition with human life and her interest in the concepts of reality, time and perception. To Karina, nothing much is ordinary.

Benchtop photography: art of light and setting the scene with Karina Sharpe 

Where: Artisan, 381 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006

When: 11.00am-2.30pm, Saturday 29 July

Cost: $165 per person

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