Community Arts Workshops

DEADLINE : Ongoing

Access Arts’ Community Arts workshops provide members with a supportive, inclusive and creative environment to engage with various art forms, encouraging positive social interaction, a strong sense of community, and artistic expression of each individual.

Anyone is welcome to attend these workshops, whether or not you experience a disability and irrespective of your previous experience. Support is available to participate in all our programs. See ourDisability Access Policy for further details on how we can assist and feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. If you would prefer, we can work with you to develop a tailored program to meet the individual needs of your group. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your ideas.

Access Arts Disability Support

The high-quality creative participation support which Access Arts provides, enables people experiencing disability to gain maximum benefit from our programs across the state. This sets us apart from other available community workshops and programs.  If you require support with personal care, please see our Personal Care Policy online or contact Access Arts to discuss your support needs.


Access Arts recognises the many benefits of partnering with a wide range of community organisations.  Access Arts welcomes all members to participate in our programs.  We invite Indigenous, multicultural communities and individuals to work in partnership with us.  The benefits include opportunities to share resources, the development of programs that meet the needs of members/clients of both organisations, increasing the marketing reach of both organisations and enables cross-skilling between staff and members of both organisations.

Community Showcase

Every year Access Arts holds a mid-year Community Showcase that participants work towards throughout the first half of the year.  All participants are welcome to be involved in the Community Showcase.

For more information about available workshops – Please visit the Website