Pictoplasma Festival 2016

DEADLINE : 1st February, 2016

The world’s leading and largest festival of contemporary character culture Pictoplasmais back with a dense program of inspiring artist presentations, conference lectures, animation screenings, workshops, installations, numerous character walk exhibitions and performances.

The unique mix of screenings, exhibitions, and personal artist presentations delivers tons of inspiring input, while the lively exchange between the various disciplines highlights the importance of contemporary characters in today’s global visual understanding.

Animation entries to be considered for the official Festival program can now be submitted. You can send your work as HD Quicktime (Pro Res or H.264 codec) in full PAL or NTSC Broadcast quality on DATA-DVD or via wetransfer.com up to 2 GB.

The artist/license holder’s rights to the work remain completely unaffected, especially the right to reproduce and distribute or otherwise make use of it. Pictoplasma solely asks for the right to include the material in its own curated animation programmes.

There is no entry fee.


Entries are welcome from anyone worldwide.


All entries which meet the criteria and are true to the spirit of Pictoplasma are viewed by a jury panel, which selects outstanding submissions for enclosure in the specially curated screening programs.

The screenings are scheduled in Berlin (Germany) for 28th-30th April, 2016.

For more information please visit the – Website