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WHEN : 20th August - 29th October
WHERE : QUT Art Museum

Darkly humorous and provocatively satirical, Cake Industries’ performative mechatronic sculptures construct anachronistic narratives to reveal the struggles and absurdities of modern ...

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WHEN : 29th August - 2nd September
WHERE : Webb Gallery, QCA

A collection of photographic works from QCA’s 2016 Infield, it explores the experience of Nepal – from feeling overwhelmed by the ...

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From a Northern Canopy

WHEN : 23rd August – 16th September
WHERE : Onespace Gallery

‘From a Northern Canopy’, showcases work by artists Daniel O’Shane (Kuku Yalanji, Miriam Mer, and Kulkagal) and Michael Boiyool Anning (Yidinji). ...

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John Honeywill

WHEN : 22nd August - 16th September
WHERE : Philip Bacon Galleries

I paint the quiet visual conversations between everyday objects; paintings that explore presence and stillness in the genre of the still life—a genre ...

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Fran O’Neill: Next Move

WHEN : 10th August - 10th September

Born in Wangaratta, Australia, Fran O’Neill lives and works  between Newcastle, Australia and Brooklyn, New York. O’Neill attended Monash University, Melbourne, ...

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New Alchemists

WHEN : 17th June - 3rd September
WHERE : UQ Art Museum

New Alchemists comprises a diverse suite of works by Australian and International artists exploring ideas of futuristic biologies and post-human engagements ...

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Dai Li

WHEN : 8th August – 2nd September
WHERE : Heiser Gallery

Cerarmicist Dai Li was born in Sichauan, China in 1987 and now lives and works in Queensland. Between the years of ...

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