Fireworks Gallery

Fireworksgallery, known for hosting some of Australia’s best contemporary artwork, is nestled in the arts hub on Doggett Street, Newstead.

Michael Eather, the director of fireworksgallery, said ‘the location is an exciting addition to the Doggett Street art precinct that provides both a creative space to host exhibitions and convenient parking for clients. The fit-out of the warehouse gallery space combined with contemporary artwork is visually engaging.’

fireworksgallery is known for sourcing works from across Australia to build unique collections featuring contemporary works from established and emerging artists, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. It emerged as a commercial gallery space in Brisbane in 1993, following the networks of Campfire Group consultancies and collaborative projects that began in 1987.

A desire to present artworks by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists alongside each other has been a constant theme underpinning the gallery’s exhibition program and associated projects. Remarkably, the premise of cultural collision—originally cloaked in political and educational contexts of artists’ shared influences—still seems as relevant today as it did twenty years ago.

fireworksgallery projects include co-coordinating public and private commissions, collaborative projects, artist-in-residency programs (NEWflames Inc), a publishing schedule, and limited-edition print folios from the Estates of Lin Onus and Vincent Serico.

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