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Evangeline Cachinero


Evangeline Cachinero is a Brisbane-based artist working primarily in the mediums of mixed media painting, photography, digital art, video, web-based projects, ...

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James and Eleanor Avery


James and Eleanor Avery work both individually and collaboratively, and have been collaborating on large scale sculpture and installation projects, including ...

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Camille Serisier


A Perfect Day Series. Power and Strife (2012), Photographic Print, 50.0 x 50.0 cm Photo : Sam Scoufos Photography Camille Serisier ...

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Stephen Russell


  Stephen Russell is an Australian artist currently working in Berlin. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from ...

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Sophie Bottomley


Sophie Bottomley creates sculptural objects that investigate how the experience and perception of space is altered through changes in scale. Being ...

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Christopher Handran


My practice explores perception and phenomenal experience, particularly as mediated by technologies such as photography, film and video. Using the most ...

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Anna Carey : Mirage

WHEN : 1st Dec – 13th Jan WHERE : Queensland Centre of Photography My work explores the spatial experiences I encounter ...

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Alex Cuffe


Alex Cuffe is a multi-disciplinary artist who works across sculpture, installation and experimental sound. In the past he has used found materials ...

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Shaun OConnor


Image: Untitled (FlyBoy4ever) cardboard, thermal adhesive, lacquer, resin and spray enamel, 2012 www.shaunoconnor.net

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Ian Burns


Image : Sign” 2012, Standard fluorescent lights, plasterboard, stereo, contact microphone, randomized timing system. ” This work explores the politicization of ...

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Alison Stone


  Alison Stone deals with the concept of domesticity. It is perceived as a private space for comfort, nurture and security, ...

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Mandana Mapar


Balingup trees Mandana Mapar’s art pratice and photography draw upon a range of conceptual and thematic influences, including contemporary photo media ...

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Cameron Eaton


Cameron Eaton is Australian and lives and works in Brisbane, Queensland. Since 1992 he has worked as a Structural Draftsperson, Designer ...

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Joachim Froese


  Joachim Froese was born in 1963 Montreal, Cananda and arrived in Australia in 1991. He completed his BA Fine Arts ...

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Richard Stride


Untitled, 2011. Brisbane Emerging Art Festival “My art practice is driven by a curiosity into the oppositions and tensions I observe ...

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Leesha Ramsay


Suspended Tradition, 2011 Being handed down tapa mats from her grandmother, Leesha paints on the cloth and then displays these large ...

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Christian Flynn


Christian Flynn was born in Innisfail, Queensland, in 1978. He moved around a lot when he was young before coming to ...

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Monica Rohan

Chair, watercolour, 640 x 499mm, 2011. Monica Rohan’s work explores the inundation of contradictions and paradoxes that complicate emotions, through the ...

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Jemima Wyman

Social Clothing Experiments , 2011 (PLATFORM: Public art installation) Wyman’s individual art practice incorporates various mediums including installation, video, performance, photography ...

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Charlie Hillhouse

From photographic book – NOT LAST DAYS, 2010 Charlie Hillhouse, photographer and founder of SMALL HOUSE BOOKS. www.charliehillhouse.com

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Jason Fitzgerald

WHEN : 4th – 22nd October WHERE : Jan Murphy Gallery Nature’s apparent chaos is ultimately deceptive: oceanic tides are orchestrated ...

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Cezary Stulgis

Animate Beings, polyurethane resin & paint, 2010 Born in Poland and currently based in Australia, Cezary Stulgis’ is a sculptor, painter ...

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Susan Lincoln


In The Name of the Father & Child, Type C Photograph, 2008 I create artefacts for discovery in a future world. ...

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Scott Whitaker

Ephemeral Still Life: repository of memory Scott Whitaker is an Australian visual artist, based on the Sunshine Coast hinterland north of ...

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Marian Drew


  Marian Drew, born in 1960, Bundaberg, is one of Australia’s most significant contemporary photographic artists. Drew’s practice, spanning more than ...

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