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Made with Light


Be transfixed by the beauty of illumination in this interactive display of specially commissioned light installations.  A collaboration between Brisbane Powerhouse and The Edge has ...

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FLUIDATA is an immersive experiential installation with durational performances by Igneous, a Brisbane-based inter-media and performance company. The work explores questions ...

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The New Aesthetic?


In 2011, artist James Bridle introduced the term “New Aesthetic” to articulate a concept referring to the increasing appearance of the ...

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Deeper Mesmerism


DEEPER MESMERISM will present two lie-down and move-around performance-installations exploring hypnotic spatialised music, created by Luke Jaaniste (various electronics) with collaborating ...

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Friday Night: May


‘Friday Night: May’ delivers an array of performance work in development and an exhibition, as the building opens for another edition ...

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Lucas Abela: Mix Tape


Following his recent Gamelan Wizard performances at this years MOFO festival in Tasmania, Lucas Abela returns to the suburb of his ...

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Simone Eisler


Simone Eisler is a Brisbane/Sunshine Coast based artist and has exhibited her work internationally in the Philippines, Indonesia, New York, Belgium, ...

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Carte Blanch: Cover Story


Carte Blanche is an alliance of contemporary artists with diverse skills and strengths, connected by their mutual interest in artistic development, ...

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Judith Wright: Desire


Not bound by medium, Judith Wright works across painting, drawing, sculpture, video and installation, often creating complex dialogues between different media. ...

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Compulsion Loop


Continuing the weekender series is Compulsion Loop, featuring new installation based works by artists Chris Bennie, Marnie Edmiston and Madeleine Stack, curated ...

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Liquid Architecture


Liquid Architecture is an Australian organisation for events, exhibitions, performances and situations of the world’s leading artists working with sound. Once a ...

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Sarah Poulgrain


Sarah Poulgrain is a Brisbane-based artist interested in distorted reconstructions of experience. She works primarily through sculpture, painting and installations, using ...

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Platform 2014


Platform 2014 brings together installation and large-scale artworks from early to mid-career Australian artists working in a diverse range of mediums. ...

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Genine Marie Larin


Genine Larin seeks, through her art, to transform bodily affect into concrete knowledge. Stone Baby: An Exploration of Affect and Trauma ...

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Invisible Movements


Invisible Movements is an exhibition of new work by Caitlin Franzmann developed abroad, exploring the experience of the body in motion – ...

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The Institute of Modern Art is pleased to present the new installation Sciencefictive by Brisbane-born Sydney-based established artist Gary Carsley. This immersive project ...

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