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Vernon Ah Kee: Ode


Born in Far North Queensland, Vernon Ah Kee is a conceptual artist and a founding member of the Brisbane-based proppaNOW artists’ ...

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India Mark: Tronie


‘My recent works explore the concepts and methodologies of tronie or ‘character-head’ painting, a genre of painting that originated in the ...

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Kenneth Macqueen


Kenneth Macqueen (1897-1960) was a modernist watercolour painter. After serving in World War I, he completed most of his works while ...

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Ali Bezer: Open Space


The creative impetus for the artworks featured in Open Space stemmed from my experience during an ongoing residency at St Andrews ...

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‘hard/soft  paintings by Robert Moore & sculpture by Aleph Geddis’ Please join  for opening drinks with the artists Saturday 4 November ...

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Lisa Christensen & Alex Louisa


Lisa Christensen ‘Instinct’  Lisa Christensen investigates the space where reality blurs with the imaginary. She uses traditional still life techniques and subjects ...

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Ray Coffey


Born in Liverpool during the post-Beatlemania counterculture of the 60s, Ray Coffey realised he might have a talent for drawing when, ...

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David Hayes: Trajectory


Flowers and Bullets – an unlikely mix but a metaphor explored by artist David Hayes in his first solo exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art in ...

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June Tupicoff


“The difficulty in painting has always included the transformation of pigment into light, and in these works the artist has shaped ...

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Ross Booker: Tracing Time


Brisbane artist Ross Booker’s exhibition of paintings and drawings is based on his regular excursions into central Australia, the Kimberley and ...

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John Waller


Encountering the Australian landscape can lead to all sorts of experiences. John Waller’s abstract paintings transport us into a soft, abstracted ...

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