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World Scapes


Helle Cook and Paula Payne explore personal visual language through an ongoing engagement with paint. In this exhibition, the iconography of ...

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Joel Rea: Outsider


A four-metre tiger stands serenely on a New York City corner surrounded by a handful of onlookers. This surreal image is ...

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Renata Buziak: Reveal


Renata Buziak’s exhibition reveal presents a dramatic new series of self-portrait photograms* that capture the artist’s performative physical presence. Departing from ...

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John Honeywill


I paint the quiet visual conversations between everyday objects; paintings that explore presence and stillness in the genre of the still life—a genre ...

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Fran O’Neill: Next Move


Born in Wangaratta, Australia, Fran O’Neill lives and works  between Newcastle, Australia and Brooklyn, New York. O’Neill attended Monash University, Melbourne, ...

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Chris Trueman: Entangled


‘Entangled’ is an experimental installation by Los Angeles based artist Chris Trueman with overlapping displays or ‘superpositions’ in Los Angeles, USA ...

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Be Public In The Now


Christopher R. Inwood has created 17 large, traditional oil paintings that draw from the composition and aesthetic of our current homogenised ...

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A Group Exhibition featuring: LAURA Jones PAUL Ryan TIM McMonagle JULIAN Meagher JUDITH Sinnamon FRANK Nowlan + the MANINGRIDA ARTISTS

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Michael McWilliams


Born and educated in Tasmania, McWilliams’ distinctive and unique work has been featured in several national exhibitions and has been included ...

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