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Subvert Systems


Subvert Systems is a body of new work by Brisbane based multimedia artist Warren Handley. Through subversion of the intended function ...

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Medicinal Plant Cycles


The work in this exhibition, Medicinal Plant Cycles, draws on natural science and extensive consultations and discussions with members of the ...

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John Young


Over the past three decades John Young has continuously negotiated with the definitions and concepts surrounding the question: what is the ...

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“I really am turning into a moth. The light on my phone keeps me searching for truth in all the wrong ...

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John Olsen


John Olsen’s exuberant paintings, which were first exhibited in Sydney in the 1950s, are often celebrations of Sydney, Majorca, marine life, ...

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Andy Harwood: Balance


Balance is a collection of works consisting of new and established concepts; shape, size, relative position of figures and the properties ...

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Linda Zucco: Blue


Linda Zucco is recognized for her bold and edgy oil paintings of urban life. Throughout her new series Blue, Linda uses ...

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Joseph Daws: Landscape


Joseph Daws’s painting practice operates between landscape and abstract painting.  It acts as an arena for the artist to explore visual ...

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Lyndal Hargrave


Lyndal Hargrave is a maker of objects and a painter of shapes. Her current work manifests as complex geometrically inspired paintings ...

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Wild Tasmania


Please join us for the opening of ‘Wild Tasmania’ on Friday 26th June to be opened by Bob Brown, environmentalist and ...

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