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Chase Archer: sub-urban


Chase Archer, a Brisbane-based artist, describes the work in his exhibition ‘sub-urban’ as painted collages inspired from a collection of iPhone ...

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After Hours


We pause for a moment to situate ourselves, to plot out the coordinates of our subject positions [1] . As I ...

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Between You and I


‘Beginning to think again – to grasp, to connect, to put together, to remember… Only to remember to remember, or at ...

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We are looking. Seeing. Peering, through the two skin-wreathed holes in our skull. The two holes situated slightly apart from each other, ...

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crosseXions is an exhibition where feminist and environmental concerns can be said to cross over. Though nothing is quite as obvious ...

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The Alien Show


The first aliens I saw were in the house of my grandmother in Townsville. Constrained safely within the television and the ...

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Fraction Magazine


Fraction Magazine is an online venue dedicated to fine art, contemporary photography and brings together diverse bodies of work by established and ...

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