A Dot on a Line

WHEN : 18th April 2014
WHERE : Sun Distortion Studios

Presented as part of the Queensland Festival of Photography – A Dot on a Line is a collaborative project turning a small Albion warehouse into a one night exhibition space. The show brings together emerging Australian artists working within the expanded field of photography. As alternatives to Jeff Wall’s notion of photography’s “heavy burden of depiction,” A Dot on a Line invites six young artists to respond to photographic concerns by interrogation through various media including sculpture, text, installation and video.
The focus of A Dot on A Line is the ‘unfixed image.’ Rather than regarding a photograph as something singular and and detached from time, the exhibition instead draws attention to it’s processual elements: what happens before the image becomes fixed? How can an image disrupt time and how can it be disrupted? How can context shift the shape and function of an image? The exhibition attempts to emphasise the fluidity of an image – the empty intervals of a line between the discrete moments of a dot.

These concerns were felt by some of the earliest theorists of photography (Walter Benjamin, Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag amongst them). Each of the exhibiting artists use photography as a tool or reference point in their work but it is folded in with ideas from broader contemporary art, digital culture and classical music composition. By inviting artists to respond in any media they see fit, A Dot on A Line seeks new perspectives and conceptual approaches on some of the most elusive concerns of photography.

Featuring Artists :

Dan McCabe
Callum Ross
Henry Andersen
Emma Leslie
Dave Chatfield
Felix Merry
Show: 6 – 9pm
After Party: 9pm – late