WHEN : 30th October, 6:00pm
WHERE : Blake House Gallery, 35 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

Achromatism (noun) The visual property of being without chromatic colour.

Created to run alongside the Brisbane leg of Semi-Permanent conferences, Achromatism aims to provide a show that encompasses Australian artists of varying styles to present a group show based around a fundamental lack of colour.

The show lineup consists of:

  • CJ Hendry
  • Mark Drew
  • Jesse Olsen
  • Ray Coffey
  • Keiron McMaster
  • Cezary Stulgis
  • Duncan Mattocks
  • Magnus McTavish

Each artist has become well established in their own chosen medium, refining their craft over the years. In this group show, artists are challenged to work without the aid of colour.

Achromatism will open Wednesday, October 30 at 6pm. This will serve as the opening event for Semi-Permanent Brisbane 2013 and is open to all.

Image : Cezary Stulgis