Ann Maree Clark: Life, with Measure

WHEN : 2nd March - 1st April
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery Bulimba

Painting and drawing from life, Ann Maree incorporates a contemporary aesthetic with a naturalists approach to realism and classically structured compositions.  Conceptually she has an interest in classical philosophy, particularly the classical ‘transendentals’ – truth, beauty, goodness and unity.

Echoing genre painting of the 17th century, this collection of contemporary still life and ‘domestic virtue’ paintings is a subtle meditation on duties and hours, work-spaces and home, industry and creativity.

Depiction of sewing and the textile arts have been symbols of time, duty, female virtue and human ingenuity since the Fates first spun, measured and snipped thread.  These works are also inspired by the texture and weight of fabric, the sureness of light and gravity, and the sense of limit and depth in interior space.

Image: Form | Ann Maree Clark | Oil on linen | 30 x 40 cm