Anne Clarke

WHEN : 15th May – 9th June
WHERE : Phillip Bacon Galleries

Aged and flaking wooden objects, beautiful antique bowls and plates collected because of their colour, shape and history – these with artichokes, quinces and flowers are often featured in large canvases painted by Anne Clarke. The sheer beauty of these tableaux has been celebrated by the artist in gloriously handled paint. These works are contemplative and lush and are positive reminders of the vivacity, richness and beauty of life.

Anne has developed a deep interest in developing each painting expertly and likens this to the work of an artisan. Underpinning her art is a rich layering of paint, applied over and over again to perfect the tones; expert drafting skills and a love of selecting and arranging objects ‘just so’.

Text : Vivonne Thwaites – Extract from 2004 exhibition catalogue

Image : Anne Clarke, Blue boat, oil on canvas, 117 x 195 cm (2007)