Anne-Marie Zanetti: Fructuous

WHEN : 2th - 23rd August
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery

Anne-Marie Zanetti’s new exhibition ‘Fructuous’ explores light, colour and beauty. Portraying fruit in a rich and sensual way has indulged Anne-Marie’s desire to create visually appealing works.

The paintings are presented in both vivid colour and sepia.  Colour capturing the vibrancy of an outwardly fulfilled life and sepia representing the more reflective, contemplative inner journey. This is an exhibition full of celebration.

‘I have experienced an amazing period of abundance in her life and this work is the expression and interpretation of my gratitude for this time.’  – Anne-Marie Zanetti.

Starting her art practice later in life – she was in her early 40s – Anne-Marie’s work is inspired by delving into personal experience, namely the stunning range of human emotions. Her artworks have been shown in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and Florida and has been featured in a number of prestigious art awards, winning the 2016 Rotary Art Spectacular and the People’s choice award in the 2017 Muswellbrook Art Prize.

Opening Event: 3pm–5pm Saturday 12 August 2017
Where: Lethbridge Gallery, 136 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064