Anywhere, Elsewhere

WHEN : 4th - 8th August
WHERE : Jan Murphy Gallery

Fresh artistic talents will be unveiled in upcoming group exhibition, Anywhere, Elsewhere, which focuses on the practices of emerging QLD artists. In an initiative to support the next generation of contemporary artists, Jan Murphy Gallery is excited to present the work of local artists, Bridie Gillman, Claudia Greathead and Sancintya Simpson.

Curated by Brisbane based Tess Maunder, the exhibition is concerned with ideologies of place and cultural identity, with each artist bringing their distinctive approach and perspective. Drawing from her background of living in both Australia and Indonesia, Bridie Gillman’s practice negotiates cross-cultural experiences. Her work presented for Anywhere, Elsewhere, is a constellation of photographic images taken from residencies in Indonesia, Japan and Instanbul.

Painter Claudia Greathead’s practice critiques constructed cultural values and ideologies through the examination of beauty and its portrayal in Western media – she appropriates and recontextualises imagery in the production of artworks that veer between figuration and abstraction. Sancintya Simpson’s photomedia and video-based critical practice combines traditional mediums with digital platforms. Informed by her hybrid-cultural inheritance Simpson examines the complexities of race and identity within Australia, by exploring lived experiences to create dialogue on societies concealed prejudices.

Each of these artists have been regularly involved in projects locally and nationally, with Greathead selected as a finalist in the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize 2015, presented at Griffith University Art Gallery later this month. Simpson was a 2012 finalist in the highly recognised Josephine Ulrick and Win Shubert Photography Award. Gillman will soon be undertaking a residency in Malaysia and is currently included in a group exhibition at Metro Arts space in Brisbane.

Presented for one week only, this is a unique opportunity for gallery visitors and clients to engage with the dynamic and challenging work being produced by young artists in Brisbane today.

Image: Bridie Gillman Gold (Shibuya) 2014, archival inkjet print, 146.0 x 124.0 x 56.0 cm