Archie Moore & Erika Scott

WHEN : 24th May, 6:00 - 8:00pm
WHERE : Boxcopy ARI

‘Decade: Project for Future Alternatives’ invites artists to reimagine the use of the gallery space and the possible directions of artist run practice.

Part 2 of this project features Archie Moore & Erika Scott – please join us at the conclusion of this residency for the event ‘Hive Mind’ on Wednesday 24 May, 6pm.

The ‘Project for Future Alternatives’ is an opportunity for a flash-back of known and unknowns – for Archie and Erika to explore and find comfort in mediating, navigating and embalming their bodies and histories into shared objects. These objects will act as an awareness of things as they are, what they are going to be, outlining boundaries between what’s yours and what’s mine, and a quest to find the best seat in the house.