Artist – Nathan Corum

WHEN : 28th Jan, 6:00-8:00pm
WHERE : Wandering Room, Shop 13/14 Grey Street South Bank

Nathan Corum is a local photographer who is presently analysing and responding to the iconography of and mechanics behind the cinematic image. His many investigations have resulted in him replicating popcorn, re-creating the effect of pixelation, and re-creating and combining artefacts associated with the silver screen.

All Things Move Towards Their End has seen Corum take up a two week residency at The Wandering Room’s space. This closing night event which features photography, casting, and assemblage is taking place this Saturday the 28th of January from 6pm. Come along to experience Corum’s eclectic practice, sample cake and beverages, and partake in witty art shenanigans with other arty types.