Benjamin Crowley: Other People

WHEN : 20th September, 7:00 - 8:00pm
WHERE : Metro Arts

Other People is a 30 minute single channel video by Benjamin Crowley consisting of appropriated footage from predominantly western horror and thriller movies. In collaging the footage, the artist followed a strict material approach, resulting in a work which undermines the potential for a semiotic approach to narrative.

With no meaningful linear narrative the video promotes connections between sound, movement and timing. The video is an extension of Crowley’s interests of anti-illusion and self-reflexivity. The title of the work comes from the quote “Hell is other people”, from Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit.

Crowley will give a short talk to introduce the work.

DATE // 7pm Wednesday 20 September
WHERE // The Lumen Room.

Join us before this screening event for a listening party and artist talk with Kiah Reading in the gallery, as part of his exhibition; Kiah Reading – Be Your Own Boss! – Metro Arts

Image: Benjamin Crowley, Other People, 2017. 2.35:1 single channel video, 30min (video still).