WHEN : Friday 15 – Sunday 17 March 2013, 12 – 6pm
WHERE : Boxcopy

Going Nowhere : Daniel Mudie Cunningham & Stephen Allkins, Christopher Köller, Hannah Raisin.

Going Nowhere brings together video work by Daniel Mudie Cunningham and Stephen Allkins, Christopher Köller and Hannah Raisin. Each work uses the possibilities of the moving image to playfully explore the rhythms of popular culture, performance art and industrialisation. Looping and lingering, these videos transform quotidian temporalities. Through the medium of video, the everyday experiences of sexuality and work, daydreams and aspirations, which occupy the works, are pushed in unexpected directions. This process accentuates the potential political impact of these innocent moments, yet the visceral response each work invites dismantles the idea of a cool critical distance between the artworks and the rhythms they both interrogate and revel in.

Curators’ talk with Simone Hine & Kyle Weise, Sunday 17 March 4pm

Presented in partnership with Screen Space, Melbourne

Image: Daniel Mudie Cunningham & Stephen Allkins Boytown, 2012. HD single channel video, colour, 16:9, 5:20 minutes.