WHEN : 23rd – 25th Nov
WHERE : Boxcopy

This is the first in a series of Weekender events at Boxcopy, which explore alternative formats for the presentation of experimental, time-based works across sound, performance and screen-based media and are presented in partnership with artist collectives and galleries from within Australia and overseas.

Anywhere but here…
(23rd & 24th, 12:00 – 6:00pm)

Anywhere but here… is an exhibition that brings together 3 video works by Ruth Proctor, Hiroko Okada and A.K. Burns + A.L. Steiner. Marianne Templeton (London), Emily Wakeling (Tokyo) and Jemima Wyman (Los Angeles), are artists and curators who have personal connections with Brisbane, and each have chosen one work from her locale that has relevance to contemporary feminisms.

Marianne Templeton completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at Queensland University of Technology in 2006. She is an artist, arts writer, and founding member of Boxcopy. Marianne has exhibited internationally and currently lives and works in London, as the Gallery Manager at Work Gallery. Emily Wakeling is a freelance art writer and curator based in Tokyo. She holds a Masters degree in Art History from the University of Queensland. Jemima Wyman is an artist who lives and works between Brisbane and Los Angeles. Wyman completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (in Visual Arts) with Honours at the Queensland University of Technology. In 2007, she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from The California Institute of Arts in Los Angeles. She has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally. In 2005 she formed CamLab, a collaboration with Anna Mayer.

Image: Hiroko Okada Singin’ in the Pain 2004. Image courtesy the artist and Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo.

GIRRLSOUND presents Michelle Xen : Generous Fields | Objects in the Dark
(25th Nov, 3:00pm)

This work by Michelle Xen is part of a new series of video, performance and sound, in which sonic-visual fields are created and transformed over time. Using light, video, live vocals and breath, a series of video monochromes evolve over the course of the performance from the movements and sounds in the room.

Michelle Xen is a Brisbane-based installation and video artist and electronic musician. She is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art and was awarded a Masters of Art in Research in interdisciplinary practice at QUT. Michelle’s work uses performance video, installation, costume and painting to draw comparisons between the sometimes oppositional worlds of contemporary art practice and pop music. Michelle has exhibited and performed extensively throughout Australia and Japan.

Girrlsound promotes and represents contemporary women in sound and their work/ thinking/ research. Girrlsound is a resource space for women sound artists, of other artist’s works, sound theory, tools and opportunities for exhibitions and collaborations. Girrlsound is an organisation for arranging and presenting projects and sound works.