Brisbane Street Art Festival

WHEN : 6th - 14th February
WHERE : 230 Wickham St, The Valley

The Brisbane Street Art Festival (BSAF) is a new project concept conceived by an innovative creative collective that intends to enhance the Brisbane community and inspire individuals through public art. The team at BSAF will be offering many unique spaces that present artists and creatives from many disciplines an opportunity to showcase their work. By bringing art to the streets the Brisbane Street Art Festival will offer a chance for the Brisbane community to witness and engage with some of the city’s most talented artists.

The focus of the event is to celebrate Brisbane’s vibrant, passionate and uniquely independent arts culture. It’s not easy being an artist in Brisbane, and those who persist will tell you it’s because of the extraordinary people this city breeds and the strong undercurrent of raw creativity and social consciousness it is world-famous for.

The Brisbane Street Art Festival hopes to give Brisbane an opportunity to witness firsthand how artists approach, engage and create their art. Generally left to garages and bedrooms across the city, BSAF delivers a platform where both artists and the community can participate in fostering a growing creative industry right in the heart of Brisbane city.

With over 50+ artists, 25+ walls, 2 exhibitions, a street art fashion show & many nightly events the Brisbane Street Art Festival will surely offer a feast for the mind, ears, eyes, body and soul.

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