Burst Open

WHEN : 4th October – 24th December
WHERE : Artisan

Critics often label today’s design as expensive and elitist and see the modern day designer as someone operating in a “bubble” of isolation.

Burst Open is an exhibition that examines this notion, and through the lens of the emerging global phenomena of open source design, turns it into an optimistic opportunity. Open source refers to free public access to product designs via online platforms. From an initial focus on software, a new movement has spawned – open source design for objects. This often involves collaborative and user-driven development combined with innovative royalty models. Burst Open will feature work from leading local and international designers along with students from the School of Architecture at University of Queensland. Purpose-built spaces will create an environment for the public where they can interact with and share design in new ways.

Curated by Christian Duell & John de Manincor.

Creative graphic direction and interactive window projection by inkahoots.

Burst Open is proudly supported by University of Queensland – School of Architecture, inkahoots, Carter Holt Harvey, ECOply and mMake.me.