Caroline Austin: Absence – Presence

WHEN : 23rd March - 8th April
WHERE : QUT Gallery, Kelvin Grove

Working across a range of mediums, including sculpture, sound and photography, this solo show explores the alternative, intimate, and involuntary experiences of mediated space that challenge established concepts of presence and absence.

The contemporary nature of these questions, that is our ability to be absent and present or to be transported or displaced within the technologically mediated environment, has been in part driven by the intense interest in technology itself.

The exhibition offers a unique perspective on experiences of mediated space, and the ways in which it shapes and defines us.  Understanding presence, what encourages and discourages it, the effects and many influences of technology upon it, is explored within the exhibition Absence ≡ Presence.

Location: Z11 Gallery, QUT Kelvin Grove.
Open Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu, Fri 9-5 pm.

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