Catherine Parker: Parallel Worlds

WHEN : 26th August - 30th September
WHERE : Spiro Grace Art Rooms

Catherine Parker’s solo exhibition, Parallel Worlds, presents a new body of paintings which continues her exploration of human relationships with nature, time and place.

The works meld the familiar with the utterly ethereal, through echoes of ancient landforms, and vibrant colour schemes from neon pinks to deep indigos.

Parker invites us to traverse the landscapes within the canvas, navigating the different territories – physical, spiritual, psychological, metaphorical, historical – as plants, rocks, figures, temples and journey lines merge together on a single plane.

With their foundations in landscapes as diverse as Magnetic Island and the Himalayas, Parker’s paintings present us with portals to multidimensional spaces and times, should we choose to enter.

EXHIBITION OPENING | 5 – 7pm Saturday August 26, 2017