WHEN : 29th Sep, 6:00 – 8:00pm
WHERE : Lower 151 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Brisbane, QLD

In this new site-specific object-based arrangement, Ruth McConchie explores ideas around skin, surface and barriers. Her project responds to the specificities of The Hangar site through a series of personal associations, processual obsessions and material fetishes. For CHOKEHOLD: CHOPSHOP: POPPYCOCK: HAMMERLOCK: HAMHOCK, the space is re-imagined through a complex personal engagement with the intricacies of site-specific histories and the tactile, sensuous nature of materials.

Ruth McConchie is a visual artist currently based in Brisbane. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2008 and has commenced a Master of Arts by Research at Queensland University of Technology. She has exhibited at Boxcopy, No Frills*, Accidentally Annie Street Space, Metro Arts Galleries (Brisbane), Blindside (Melbourne) and Firstdraft gallery (Sydney). McConchie is a co-director of inbetweenspaces, which recently developed work through the Kickstart program for the 2012 Next Wave Festival.

Exhibition open to public: 29 – 30 September 2-6pm