Christopher Handran: The Curve of Sensations

WHEN : 15th February - 4th March
WHERE : Metro Arts

The Curve of Sensations considers the mediation of perceptual experience by technological apparatuses such as cameras, screens and viewing devices. The works in the exhibition foreground the role of technology as both generator and mediator of everyday experience, subjecting domestic technologies, such as televisions, digital photo frames and media players, to d.i.y. interventions and deconstructions. Ranging from small, pseudo-immersive video viewing devices to light-based installations, the works create low-budget spectacles that playfully subvert their own spectacular nature.

The title, The Curve of Sensations, comes from the research into stereoscopic cinema performed by Louis and August Lumiere. Like the work of these cinema pioneers, the exhibition investigates experiences of mediated perception and considers the entanglement of science and sensation that these entail.

OPENING – Wednesday, 15 February 2017, 6PM

ARTIST TALK – Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 6PM