Christopher Inwood : LIFE IS. 2013

WHEN : 28th November – 7th December / Opening 28th Nov, 5:00 – 8:00pm
WHERE : Bird Studios The Laneway, 181 George Street, Brisbane

LIFE IS. 2013 is a study of portraiture, drawing on some of the most influential artists from the Renaissance Period, described by Christopher Inwood as an intrinsic relationship between the artist, figure and viewer.

“Portraiture as the image of the relationship between the figure’s performance to the artist, the artists impression of the figure and the viewer’s perception of the relationship,” Christopher adds, “This is reflected in the mysterious, inaccessible expression of the figure and the subject of this is the voyeuristic relationship of portraiture”.

Inspired by his tools and the imagery of life since committing to his passion as a child, Christopher describes his inspiration for LIFE IS. 2013 as a “healthy obsession with painting and with what most artists need for a zahir coin moment (The Zahir by Jorge Luis Borges) with imagery”.