WHEN : 27th July 6:00 – 8:00pm
WHERE : Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art, 226 Grey Street, South Bank

Chromophilia – An abnormal attraction to colour. Not nearly subtle enough to be eroticism and not so brazen as to be fetishism; this particular attraction to colour is a blatant disregard for respected colour theory – ignoring complimentary colours, suitable tone and a general coherence to a palette. The artists in this exhibition are chromophiliacs who live and breath glorious colour and whose work is an unadulterated celebration of all things Pantone, pigmented and polychromatic.

A collaborative project by Jamie Mumford and Caity Reynolds also featuring artwork from Lucy Anderson, Riley Gilloway, Rachel Hazzard, Kate McKay and Amanda Wolf.

Exhibition dates : 23rd July – 3rd Aug, 9-5pm. Please RSVP to