Claudia Greathead: Timeless Trophies

WHEN : 28th November, 7:00 - 10:00pm
WHERE : FAKE estate

Claudia Greathead is a brisbane based artist whose practice explores representations of the ideal. Greathead appropriates both found and original imagery to recontextualise contemporary ideals of self representation into painterly forms. this process draws connections between traditional renderings of eurocentric beauty and representations of the self through online social media platforms. greathead aims to critique western beauty standards through paintings.

Greathead paints adaptations of digital images sourced from the smartphone dating application, tinder. overlaying the sourced image with gestural abstraction, the work obscures the original content and critiques forms of self representation, and cultural ideals of beauty.

Timeless Trophies is a one night only event.

FAKE estate address: 41 Latrobe street, East Brisbane