Consuming, Laughing, Forgetting

WHEN : 17th – 29th September / Opening 20th Sep, 6:00 – 8:00pm
WHERE : Graydon Gallery 29 Merthyr Rd, New Farm

Artist Evangeline Cachinero is one corrupt artist. At least that’s what it says in her bio, but before you let those alarm bells go off you should know that we’re talking about corruption of a different kind.

Cachinero uses corrupt or ‘glitched’ digital files as inspiration for her art. She believes that the digital world can be expressive and that the aesthetics that are created by digital ‘mistakes’ have an ethereal beauty. These aesthetics inject Cachinero’s painting with a new and exciting aesthetic language that she translates into colourful and layered artwork. Her upcoming solo exhibition, Consuming, Laughing, Forgetting is a multidisciplinary undertaking that includes painting, video, installation, drawing and photographs.

For more information please visit the artist’s website