CROSS-STITCH: You Are Everything I Want You To Be

WHEN : 8th and 9th Dec, 7:30pm 11:00pm
WHERE : Level 1 to Level 4, Metro Arts

Presented by Metro Arts and curated by Daniel Santangeli

Artists :

“I”: Dot A.Y.| Sarah Winter | Lawrence English | mI_Ke (of My Fiction fame) | inbetweenspaces’s Melissa Ryke | Yvette Turnbull | Leena Reithmuller | Liesel Zink | Eloise Maree | MakeShift | Matt O’Neill | Ben Schostakowski and more to be announced…

The final CROSSSTITCH of 2011 presents two nights of live music, visual art, performance and live art. Climb to the top level of Metro Arts and sink into a handpicked selection of Brisbane’s best offerings.