WHEN : 22nd Sep, 2:30 – 6:30pm
WHERE : Northshore Hamilton

C U R R E N T , R I S I N G is an event produced by artist, curator and producer Alexandra Winters, as a part of Brisbane City Council’s series of public events ‘Emerging Spaces, Emerging Producers’. Set in an inner-city, public space the event will showcase a range of underground cultures that exist outside of the mainstream scope. The event will feature alternative cultures, art forms and creat…ive expression that are new, renewed and on the rise in our city and will reaffirm that the youth of Brisbane are active, creative, positive and able to inspire their community. The event promises a Roller Derby demonstration, a game of Bike Polo, Parkour, live music, as well as a range of contemporary Brisbane artists that will create an atmosphere of un-spoilt creativity. From a curatorial standpoint the project will pose the question of whether these cultures belong underground, would lose their integrity if they became mainstream and whether or not these forms of creative expression even want to become a house hold name. ‘Current, Rising’ is a project that gives the public a chance to discover and support Brisbane’s creatives, as well as non-for-profit organisations that contribute to the culture of our city.