Dark Matter

WHEN : 24th January - 8th February
WHERE : The Hold Artspace

Ali Bezer’s practice explores a phenomenology of noise that generates visual meaning from invisible sensations. Her predominant use of metal establishes an intricate interplay of gravity, magnetism, material and light drawn from in-depth research into the physicality of sound.

Mitchell Donaldson’s practice explores the unmaking of the self in an attempt to comprehend the meaning of death. Interrogating solitude and self-denial as a means to approaching divine truth, he affirms an ambivalent sense of self induced by loneliness, boredom, anxiety and spiritual poverty.

Bringing these artistic projects together is the hypothesis of Dark Matter, by which astrophysicists infer the existence of invisible matter and energy through its effects on visible matter. For Bezer and Donaldson this theory is appropriated as a metaphor which catalyses numerous questions over the value of that which cannot be seen.