David Kas and Ai Shah

WHEN : 8th March - 20th March
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery

This exhibition combines the paintings of two of the Lethbridge L10 000 winners – David Kas from 2013 and Ai Shah in 2010. Both of these artists have a keen interest in landscape painting but utilize very different techniques resulting in very different styles.

David looks at new ways of interpreting the landscape through his own spiritual connection and historical influences of different cultures. His inspiration comes from his ongoing fascination of nature and it’s mythical and historical context.

The recurring inspiration behind Ai Shah’s paintings is water. In a constant a state of transformation, water it is always on the move, taking new shapes, forms and textures, playing hide and seek with the light, and reflecting the changing world around it.

Opening 8th March, 3:00 – 5:00pm