DIVINE GEOMETRY (Utopia on Paper)

WHEN : 17th Dec 6:00 – 9:00pm
WHERE : Woolloongabba Art Gallery ~ 613 Stanley Street Woolloongabba.

In 1999 master printer Basil Hall introduced the art of etching to the most senior Lawmen of the Sandover region, Utopia. The images, designs and use of colour have sacred meanings attached to the myths owned by those elders. They tell a story as ancient as the land.
These men and women felt the need to share what was normally hidden, in the hope it might be preserved for their children and future generations.


Angeline Apetyarr, Minnie Apwerl, Lyndsay Bird, Paddy Club, Henry Dixon, Edie Holmes, Freddy Jones, Lennie Jones, Roly Long, Abie Loy
Motorbike Paddy, Greeny Purvis, Dave Ross, Lily Sandover, Simon Sandover, Johnny Skinner, Don Young.

Exhibition Dates : 16 December 2011 ~ 21 January 2012