Don’t Look So Offended

WHEN : 29th November, 6:00pm
WHERE : Witch Meat ARI

A group of Brisbane artists have been asked to set aside any inhibition towards their social or professional relations in a community of artists by producing a work that replicates the practice of another – whether in homage, mockery, or somewhere in between. What does it mean to have a recognisable arts practice? A ‘reputation to uphold’? These artists have chosen their subjects as the basis of art crushes or art feuds, creating a work that considers the conceptual and material enquiries of the artist in question.

Exhibiting Artists:

Alrey Batol
Yannick Blattner
Amy Commins
Romii Fulton-Smith
Callum Galletly
Claudia Greathead
Hamish Hill
Dana Lawrie
Sarah Poulgrain & Llewellyn Millhouse
Pured Kink (Kiah Reading & Michael Candy)

Presented by Fake Estate