Doyoung Lee: Six Monochromes

WHEN : 9th - 20th January
WHERE : Webb Gallery, QCA

Doyoung Lee’s expanded forms of abstractions are born out of actions in the way of a monotonous labour – knotting, baking, layering, polishing, cutting, sanding, grinding, scraping, tightening, drilling, scoring, knitting, etc. These six works share a common trait in terms of the use of non-traditional media including magazine pages, wooden benchtops, an oil-based putty, rice, and hairs of the artist’s spouse and children. Lee incorporates such bodily labours and materials into the makings of works to re-enact the world in which he lives as he lives it. For him, abstraction is nothing more than a means to an end to draw close the terrestrial reality of living. In doing so, Lee attempts to problematize and challenge the hegemony of traditional abstraction, with thought-provoking beauty being a concern. Six Monochromes investigates ways in which the artist applies his bodily labour to arrive at the type of abstraction ground on the refined approach to materiality and the philosophical interest in the act of making.

Opening Event: Friday, 12 January, 6pm–8pm
Venue: Webb Gallery, QCA South Bank, 226 Grey Street South Bank
Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am–4pm