Eight Collective

WHEN : 1st April / Ongoing
WHERE : Eight Collective

How much effort are you willing to make in order to really get to know someone? To what extent can you really get to know others and how much of that knowledge is assumed? With so much information through technology, now available at our fingertips, does this lead us to assume knowledge rather than engage with information?

The QR Project was borne out of a number of discussions and private musings, the project ostensibly questions;

  • what constitutes a portrait in the modern age,
  • what is the significance of a multiple print in a digital age,
  • does an artwork have to remain a static item for its lifespan,
  • where does an individual separate from their surroundings and lastly
  • at what point does the boundary of ownership reside, this exhibition is the first in an ongoing project by eight collective investigating the use of new technology.

The artists have individually created a photographic portrait of themselves, a text message containing information that can be read as self portraiture, and an artwork that could be similarly interpreted. These documents do physically exist, but are only accessible for viewing via online means. The access points to these artworks have been created through both ‘analog’ and digital technologies, in the form of exquisitely printed and embossed codes.

With this approach to contemporary notions of portraiture in mind, the artists involved are addressing the idea of the necessity of engagement to communicate and relate more than just the visage of the person…